Leprechaun Spindles


Leprechaun spindles are available in many sizes and price ranges and are created from vintage and modern wood turnings.  These three are the newest creations in 2018- only two of each were made.  Three have been sold, so only one of each remains available for purchase and each is signed and numbered.

"City Leprechaun" is the tallest, at 21.5".  He is hand painted on a colonial architectural spindle and is highly detailed.  He is holding a wooden shamrock that is accented with vintage gold glass glitter.
Price:  $85.00

"Cead Mile Failte" Leprechaun is 14" tall and created from a hand painted chair spindle over 100 years old.  He is holding a metal banner that says, "Hundred Thousand Welcome's" in Gaelic.
He has a brass shamrock charm on his hat.  
Price: $42.00

"Country Leprechaun"  is the shortest at 12.5" in height.  He is in casual country attire, hand painted on a vintage chair spindle and holding a pot o' gold.  
Price:  $42.00

These pieces will be available at spring and summer shows or until sold out

ALL OF THESE LEPRECHAUNS ARE SOLD OUT, but I am always making more

Leprechauns in various shapes and sizes.  Contact me